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Cabin Air Filter

Toyota’s cabin air filters keep elements like soot, dust, and pollen out of your Toyota creating a more comfortable environment. Knowing how and when to replace your air filter can also help with airflow and defrosting your windows.

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Cabin air filter replacement

Your Toyota’s air filter can help keep dust and allergens out and maximizes airflow and comfort inside your Toyota. How often your cabin air filter needs to be replaced is greatly impacted by your environment: construction zones, dusty roads, congested roads, pollen season, and forest fires are just a few examples of how the environment can affect how much work your air filter is doing. Cabin air filters should be checked at every regularly scheduled service appointment to ensure optimal performance.

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Toyota Air Filters

Toyota cabin air filters help cool you down faster in the summer by improving AC vent airflow and they help defrost your windows faster in the winter. Air filters also keep elements like soot, dust, and pollen out of the passenger compartment, and create a more comfortable environment for you and your passengers in your Toyota.

For an air filter that does more, Toyota offers a premium cabin air filter. In addition to all the benefits of a standard cabin air filter, the Toyota premium cabin air filter has activated charcoal to help neutralize odor inside your Toyota.

If you’ve noticed reduced airflow from the air vents, lingering odors, or dusty dashboards, it may be time to replace your cabin air filter. A Genuine Toyota Parts cabin air filter offers consistent protection from common allergens and are specifically designed to fit your vehicle ensuring an optimal fit, quality, and lifespan for your Toyota.

Shop and purchase the right cabin air filter for your Toyota with Genuine Toyota Parts or

Schedule an appointment to check or install your Toyota air filter at your local Toyota Service Center today!

    • Toyota cabin air filters are made to Toyota’s specifications for a better fit and superior performance and use activated charcoal to neutralize odors in your vehicle
    • Air pressure from AC vents decrease
    • Consistent or lingering odors
    • Window are slow to defrost
    • Dusty dashboard and interior surfaces

    • Optimizes AC fan performance
    • Maximizes window defrosting performance
    • Reduces odors (PCAF only)
    • Minimizes dust and allergens from entering the cabin

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